Jaguar Technical Support Resources

If you need help in locating Jaguar technical and repair information, where do you go?

Service and repair information for these cars is not particularly easy to come by. Jaguar, to the best of our knowledge, is no longer publishing paper workshop manuals. There is a limited number of reprint workshop manuals available (we stock most of these; ask us), but nothing for the post-1994 cars is in print at this time. Coventry West offers Original Technical Publications in DVD format that includes everything from parts diagrams to technical repair data.

If you are an individual working on your own car, far and away the best source for technical help is the mailing lists hosted by the Jag-Lovers server in Norway. There is a mailing list for each group of cars (XJ6, XJ-S, X-Types, E-Types, etc.). Simply subscribe to the appropriate mailing list, post your questions to the list, and someone usually will try to help you with your problem. The Jag-Lovers group maintains an archive of all the past postings made to each list and it is considered good Net etiquette to search the archives for information on your problem before posting a question. In most cases, your problem will have already have been discussed and a solution will be found in the Jag-Lovers mailing lists archives. If it is not, post away. Be certain to note the rules and conditions of posting to the lists. There is no charge to subscribe to any (or all!) of the Jag-Lovers mailing lists.

The Jaguar Club of North America also offers a technical assistance hotline for JCNA club members. Their phone number is 888-258-2524.

There is also a Jaguar newsgroup,, on the Net. While this newsgroup has some technical content, most of the postings are concerned with non-technical matters.

If you are a professional in the automotive repair field, there is an excellent organization called the International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN), which provides a place for experienced automotive technicians to interact and to exchange technical information. Membership in this organization is limited to technicians who either are ASE certified or who have at least 4 years of full time work experience as an automotive technician. This organization is a terrific resource for Jaguar, as well as other makes of cars. The iATN also furnishes a number of other services to the automotive trade; please see their website for more details. The iATN does not assess a membership fee but does limit membership only to persons employed in the automotive repair field.

While we at Coventry West are happy to provide technical assistance when we can, our company does not repair Jaguars and we are in general not a very good source for technical or repair information.