Land Rover OEM Parts Catalog

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Coventry West maintains a large inventory of Land Rover parts at our Atlanta warehouse. We stock genuine Land Rover parts, as well as OEM parts and Aftermarket replacement parts.

Genuine Land Rover parts are those furnished by Land Rover through their dealer body. Due to the various pricing policies in use by Land Rover dealers, Coventry West usually is able to sell you genuine Land Rover parts at prices below those in use at the dealer parts departments. So just because a part you need is only available from Land Rover, don’t believe for a minute that you have to buy that part from the dealer!

OEM parts are those parts that are sold by Land Rover but manufactured by another company as a sub-contracto for Land Rover. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacture” and means that an OEM parts is one made for the automaker but which is also available directly from the sub-contractor. In almost every case, an OEM part will be identical to the same part purchased in the dealer’s parts department in Land Rover packaging.

Aftermarket parts are parts made by other companies for use on Land Rover vehicles. There is a lot of variance in the quality of aftermarket automotive parts, so Coventry West is very careful about the brands of aftermarket parts we stock. In many cases, aftermarket parts will be just as high a quality as genuine Land Rover or OEM parts but usually at far cheaper prices.

What does this mean for you? It means that Coventry West usually will have the parts to fit your car at a price that also fits your budget. We normally ship orders from stock on the day they are placed. The fact that we receive shipments from manufacturers around the world on a daily basis means that Coventry West is committed to having the parts you need at the best prices.