About Us

Coventry West, Inc., one of the America’s largest suppliers of new, rebuilt, and used parts for Jaguar and Land Rover automobiles, had its beginnings over 30 years ago in December, 1977, when two technicians at a local British dealership decided to open a Jaguar repair shop in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. As one of the very few shops in the area specializing in the Jaguar marque, the company quickly attracted the patronage of many owners of Sir William Lyon’s “classy cats.” It soon became apparent that the local Jaguar dealership stocked very few parts, and that frequently repairs would be delayed while waiting for special order parts. Thus began the Coventry West parts department, and subsequently the company began to import and stock parts which were difficult or impossible to find here in the United States. As the parts department grew in size and scope, other local repair shops began to call when they ran into the same hard-to-find parts situation. This was the impetus for the company’s foray into the wholesale trade.

As the word got out that Coventry West was a major source for Jaguar parts and pieces, retail and wholesale parts sales grew from what was mostly local trade to an international operation. Over the years, due to the sharp rise in sales and popularity in the 1990s, many local Jaguar repair and specialty shops started working on Land Rovers, but found part costs at dealerships to be exorbitant. Knowing they had connections to suppliers in England for inexpensive yet high quality parts, these shops asked Coventry West to source out and stock commonly sold Land Rover parts. Today, Coventry West is synonymous with high quality, affordable Land Rover parts.

Unlike a lot of automotive manufacturers, Jaguar and Land Rover do not supply a wide range of rebuilt and remanufactured parts. Coventry West started off by rebuilding many types of Jaguar components, including differentials, brake calipers, rack & pinion units, power steering pumps, engines, etc., for use in its own shop. As this capability became known to the company’s new parts customers, rebuilt components began to be sold over the counter, too. This facet of the business quickly grew into a major part of the operation and today Coventry West is one of the largest rebuilders of Jaguar and Land Rover parts in the western hemisphere.

Occasionally repair shops will have cars which are abandoned by their owners and this is what spurred the start of the Coventry West salvage department. Today, Coventry West purchases wrecked and damaged Jaguars and Land Rovers for its expansive used parts operation from wholesale salvage auctions throughout the Southeastern United States. Over the years, Coventry West has become one of the largest Jaguar and Land Rover dismantlers in the United States, with over 1,500 cars dismantled to date. Please do not hesitate to let us know how Coventry West can be of service to you.