Active Cornering Enhancement and your Discovery 2

If you’ve ever gone to the local parts store to pick up a serpentine belt for your Disco 2 only two find out that the one you got is not quite the right size, there’s a good chance that your Discovery 2 has Active Cornering Enhancement. Active Cornering Enhancement (commonly known as ACE) was an option available for Land Rover Discovery 2 models that helped to reduce body roll while cornering. ​While the technical details behind ACE can be quite complicated, the system itself is quite reliable and provides a noticeable improvement in driveability compared to models that aren’t equipped with it.

Without going into too much detail behind the engineering involved with the ACE system, its basic premise is pretty simple. When going around a corner, every car exhibits some sort of body lean. Naturally, taller vehicles will tend to lean more than a car that sits low to the ground. Some body lean is good because it gives the driver an idea as to how far (s)he is pushing the cornering limits of the vehicle. However, excessive body lean can give people the unnerving feeling that the vehicle is going to tip over (whether it really is or not). Being a tall vehicle, the Discovery was naturally going to lean a fair bit when turning. Land Rover wanted to implement a system that reduced body roll during normal driving while simultaneously allowing the Discovery to roll enough so that people would know when they were approaching their cornering limits. That’s exactly what ACE does.

So, how can you tell if your Discovery 2 is equipped with Active Cornering Enhancement? There are several ways to determine this, but we’ll focus on the easiest and most reliable methods. The picture below shows a Land Rover Discovery 2 engine that’s equipped with ACE. In the green box, you’ll see the main ACE pump. If your Disco 2 has that pump, then your vehicle is equipped with ACE; if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t have ACE. Alternatively, if you look at the red box in the picture below, you’ll see a reservoir with two caps on it. If your Discovery has a reservoir with two caps on it, then your car has ACE. If it only has one, then it doesn’t.

This Discovery has Active Cornering Enhancement Note the reservoir with 2 caps and the extra pump

Of course, if you don’t fancy yourself much of a mechanic and don’t feel comfortable identifying parts under the hood, you’re certainly more than welcome to call us with your Vehicle Identification Number (also called the VIN) and we’ll be happy to look it up for you.