In light of high dealer costs and lack of availability of new parts, Coventry West is pleased to offer high quality rebuilt blower motors for most Jaguar XJ6 and XJS models. These units are remanufactured in-house and feature:

Brand-new more powerful motors assemblies
New more efficient squirrel-cage blower fans
All new foam padding of more durable material
New internal relays
A twelve-month unlimited mileage warranty

Blower cores are disassembled and the original motors are replaced with a new motor assembly, a new high-efficiency aluminum cage fan is installed (replacing the original plastic fan), all deteriorated internal foam is replaced, all relays are replaced with new parts, vacuum actuators are checked, and circuit boards and electronics are fully tested. Upon completion, the remanufactured blower is bench-tested for all functions. Please note that Coventry West remanufactured blower motor assemblies are sold on an exchange basis, and a complete, undamaged, matching core is required to receive a rebate of the core charge assessed. The bottom line is that CW-remanufactured Jaguar blowers are BETTER than new and are they’re LESS EXPENSIVE than new Jaguar units. And unlike most Jaguar units, most blower motors from Coventry West are ready to ship out today! Coventry West remanufactured blowers are $395.00 each, plus a $150 core deposit (refunded once we receive your undamaged core blower unit).