Jaguar Links

XJ-S Help Book:  A terrific reference compiled by Kirby Palm, a very diligent and very funny XJ-S enthusiast. If you own an S or an XJ12, you MUST go here and download this book! There is terrific info here for owners of other V12-engined Jaguars, too.

Jag-Lover’s Page:  The one website you don’t want to miss, if you are indeed a Jag-Lover. Go here to subscribe to the various Jaguar-oriented mailing lists (or to visit the web forums) as well as to see what’s new in Jaguardom. A gorgeous site since its recent redesign.

British Autowood:  Master craftsman (and Welsh ex-pat) Saul Chaplin can restore or reveneer your Jag’s (or other British marque’s) wood trim to better than new condition for reasonable prices. Don’t miss the gorgeous pictures of his work on his website.

Georgia Jag:  Richard Maury, who runs the CW Rebuilding department, just created his own website. Since Dick is a long-term XKE owner, most of the site addresses those models. Definitely check out the tech info!

Gunnar’s Sovereign Page:  Gunnar Helliesen’s page devoted to his 1986 XJ6 Series III Sovereign. Nice page with interesting links and a neat story.

Bernie’s XJ-S Page:  This link takes you to one owner’s personal XJ-S page. This site is chock-full of info about a number of the modifications Bernie has performed on his 1978 XJ-S. Great info!

XJ Coupe Page:  A page from the Jag-Lover’s thoroughly excellent site with the story of the rare and increasingly valuable XJ Coupes, which were produced only from 1975-78.

Lister Components:  Source for the best quality XJ-S rear wings we’ve ever seen, this company was formerly known as Lister of North America. They’re also taking order for XJ-S body kits. The owner is Captain Jaguar; ask for him!  Website of Jaguar repair information. “This Jaguar repair site is an information resource and not a forum”. Contains info on body, engine, drivetrain, and interior repairs, along with electrical info, OBD codes, tech guide and spec book, and Techical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

Daniel Stern Lighting:  Website of one of the sharpest guys on lighting products and upgrades for all marques. Lots of no-BS information here on lighting regulations, wiring, and automotive lighting systems.

AJ6 Engineering:  Home page of AJ6 Engineering and Roger Bywater, former power units engineer at Jaguar. Don’t miss the tecnical info on the XK and XJ engines! Want to hop up your Jaguar? Look here.  An ambitious and well-designed website whose goal ” is to gather as much information as we can about every E-Type.” With almost 8,000 entries in their searchable database, they’re making great progress.

Jag-Web:  Link to the Jag-Web, meeting point for specialists, primarily British-based, who do Jaguar. Great source for owners of E-Types and older.

Hess & Eisenhardt XJ-S Converts:  In 1988, Jaguar contracted with an outside company, Hess & Eisenhardt, to produce XJ-S convertibles, rather than produce the cars themselves. David Johnson’s Hess page details many of the unique features on these cars.

Jaguar XJ-S Decoder Page:  Here’s a site that will decode your XJ-S VIN and engine number, as well as decipher your Paint and Trim codes. The paint and trim decode will work for all models, not just the XJ-S.

Jaguar Fuel Injection Service:  If you desire matched and blueprinted fuel injectors for your Jaguar or any other marque, Dave Faircloth is a guy you should get to know. After he calibrates your injectors, they’ll be better than new!

XJR-S Page:  John Goodman’s web page devoted to the XJR-S 6.0L cars produced by JaguarSport. This page contains info and brochure on these rare limited-production cars.

XJ-S 5- & 6-Spd Conversions:  The Driven Man is the sole distributor of the Keisler five- and six-speed conversions for XJ-S V12 cars. TDM is also an AJ6 Engineering distributor, and carries a wide selection of British car performance parts, such as stainless exhausts, wheels, and suspension upgrades.

Jaguar Wheel Guide:  This link, from the Jag-Lovers site, illustrates most of the wheels fitted to late model Jaguars. Don’t know what a Pepperpot wheel looks like? Here’s where to find out. Beware, this is a large, slow-loading page.

Jaguar Automobilia Site:  Ian Cooling’s Jaguar Automobilia Collector site. If you’re into Jaguar automobilia, i.e. brochures, models, mascots, books, posters, prints, paintings, etc., this site should be in your Favorites file. Home of the International Jaguar Postal Auction.

1970-88 Jag Paint Colors:  Another page from the Jag-Lovers site, showing paint colors available during the 1970-88 time range. Beware: this is a slow-loading page with large images.