Jaguar has used a number of different steering pumps during production and most of them are available as quality Coventry West rebuilt units. From Saginaw pumps to the late-model ZF steering pumps, Coventry West has you covered with quality rebuilt units refurbished in our own in-house rebuilding department. Coventry West also carries an assortment of power steering pumps for several Land Rover models. The Land Rover Discovery 2 power steering pumps have a very high failure rate and even aftermarket replacement units can cost several hundred dollars. Coventry West is your best source for rebuilt Disco 2 power steering pumps at a fraction of what it would cost to buy new from your local dealership.

For the 1988-94 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40) and Jaguar 1995-97 XJ6 (X300) cars, Coventry West also supplies P/S pump assemblies, which come with the drive dog and mounting trumpet already installed. These items are difficult to transfer over from your old pump and frequently break during the attempt. Supplying a complete ready-to-install assembly makes it much quicker and easier to replace the P/S pump on one of these cars, regardless of whether one is a pro wrench or a home mechanic.