Coventry West rebuilt calipers are the class of the field! Like the majority of rebuilt products we sell, our calipers are completely rebuilt in house in our own rebuilding department where we have complete control over quality and appearance. The caliper rebuilding process starts with complete disassembly, cleaning, and component inspection. Parts that show significant wear or corrosion get tossed, not ignored. Calipers components deemed worthy of rebuilding are glass-beaded next, inspected again, and then painted. All threads are checked, caliper pistons replaced if needed, and then, using new seals and O-rings, the calipers are carefully reassembled by our experienced rebuilding department personnel. Coventry West rebuilt brake calipers are carefully assembled one at a time by craftsmen who take deep pride in their work. Sure, they cost a little more than the “spray gun” rebuilt calipers many sources sell, but that’s because they’re worth it.