Coventry West Rebuilt Jaguar Engines

1. Our long blocks start out as a completely stripped block. The block is vatted in a caustic hot tank to clean the rust and scale inside and out. Then the block is line-bored to insure that the main bearing saddles are concentric with the crank centerline. Next, the top of the block is machined along with the front timing cover to give a flat surface for the cylinder head gasket. The cylinders are then bored and new pistons and rings are fitted, using oversize pistons if required.

2. The crankshaft has its plugs removed so it can be cleaned inside and out. Crankshafts are checked and machined as necessary. The connecting rods are resized, checked for trueness, and fitted with new small-end bushings if required.

3. The block is then steamed-cleaned and painted. The core or freeze plug holes are cleaned and new plugs and sealant are fitted. A new rear crankshaft seal is fitted to its holder and sized using a special Jaguar tool to make certain that it is round and of the proper size. If this seal is not properly installed, it can cause oil leaks and it is a long way back to correct this.

4. After the crankshaft, rods, pistons, and bearings are installed, new timing chains, guides, and tensioner are fitted. The front cover is installed with a new Teflon crank seal riding on a polished spacer. A new oil pump is fitted and pre-lubed to insure good oil pressure on first starting. The cylinder head studs are then installed after being checked for corrosion; any damaged studs are replaced. The front crank pulleys are installed and the timing mark is set to TDC.

5. A Coventry West rebuilt head is then fitted. The head features new seals and a three-angle valve job with the valves being hand-lapped and adjusted to proper clearances. The head's tappet guide sleeves on both the intake and exhaust sides are locked positively in place. The head nuts and washers are metal-tumbled to a soft sheen. New properly-gapped spark plugs are installed. Cam covers are stripped and repainted before being fitted. A new JAGUAR emblem is installed as well as a new sealing ring on the oil filler cap. All extra gaskets from the top to the bottom are shipped along with the completed engine.

This is a brief overview of the engine rebuilding procedure. All of the small parts and fasteners are cleaned and checked along the way. There are many inspections made during this process to insure a rebuilt engine of the highest quality. Our shop is always open for inspection and we are happy to discuss any questions you might have regarding this major component.