Rebuilt Steering Racks

Of all the products rebuilt in house at Coventry West, our rebuilt Jaguar power steering racks are at the top of the list in terms of reliability: we almost never have to replace one under warranty! CW rebuilt racks are first disassembled and cleaned, and then are very carefully inspected for wear, a step the high-volume rebuilders generally rush through. Depending on the components, the rebuilding process continues with glass-beading and tumbling, then painting in the colors originally used by Jaguar (some of which we have custom-mixed for our use).

One of the processes that differentiate Coventry West rebuilt steering racks from those hawked by the competition is seal surface polishing. Every seal surface in a CW rebuilt rack is micro-polished on a special polishing lathe. We even polish the entire length of the main rack gear. No one else in the Jaguar rack rebuilding business goes to such lengths!

When shopping for a rebuilt steering rack, one question to ask is whether the rebuilt rack is supplied as a “short” or “long” rack. A “short” rack is one supplied without tie rods. All Coventry West racks are supplied in “long” rack form and include rebuilt tie rods.

Once a rack is assembled, it is tested for leaks and proper function using air pressure, because if a rebuilt rack doesn’t leak using air, you can rest assured it almost never leaks with power steering fluid. Can you buy a cheaper rebuilt rack? Sure, but it is doubtful that you can buy a better, more carefully assembled and tested rebuilt rack.

Coventry West rebuilds all Jaguar E-Type racks, both manual and power steering racks. 3.8L and 4.2L racks are inventory items in stock for immediate shipment, though a significant core deposit will be assessed until your rebuildable core is received. For other E-Type racks, cores are scarce and it will usually be necessary for you to send your core in to be rebuilt. Coventry West also rebuilds most newer Jaguar racks. Many of these are in stock and ready to ship.