Recoding Jaguar Remote Alarm Transmitters

We often get questions from customers on how to recode their remote alarm transmitters after replacing batteries. Below are the procedures for performing this recoding for 1990-1996 XJ6s. These procedures will only apply to Jaguar original equipment alarm systems, of course.

1990-92 XJ6 cars:

1. Record radio security code (if so equipped). 2. Disconnect negative battery terminal/cable. 3. Reconnect negative battery terminal/cable; “beeping” should be heard. 4. Press each transmitter so a total of 5 confirmations are heard. 5. Test operation. Enter radio code (if needed). Set clock.

1993-94 XJ6 cars:

1. Turn ignition key ON. 2. Turn security switch OFF (located in center console). 3. Turn ignition key OFF. 4.Turn security switch ON. 5. Cycle security system switch ON/OFF rapidly 4 times (within 5 seconds). 6.Press each transmitter so a total of 5 confirmations are heard.

1995-96 XJ6 cars:

1. Open trunk lid. 2. Open driver’s door. 3. Turn ignition switch “ON” but do not start engine. 4. Rock valet switch (located in center console) 5 times; a single chirp and flash of the headlamps indicate the Security Locking Control Module has entered the “learning” mode. 5. Press the alarm/lock (larger) button of the first transmitter. This transmitter will be linked to position 1 of the seat/steering/mirror memory. A tone will confirm that the transmitter code was accepted. Note that the button must be pushed within 15 seconds or the module will exit the “learning” mode. 6. Rock valet switch once. Two short chirps will indicate the system is ready to accept a second transmitter. Press the arm/lock (larger) button of the second transmitter. Two tones will confirm the transmitter code was accepted. 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for up to a total of 5 transmitters. The second transmitter programmed will be linked to position 2; the third to position 3, and so forth. The number of confirmation chirps mentioned in step 6 will indicate the transmitter count (i.e. 3 chirps for third transmitter). Note that you must cycle through steps 5 and 6 five times regardless of the number of transmitters; if you have less than 5 transmitters just repeat using the last transmitter until 5 cycles have been finished. 8. Turn ignition off and close door and trunk. Test for proper operation of the seat/steering/mirror memories.

1996-06 XK8/R cars:

1. Insert ignition key into the ignition switch barrel, but do not turn it.. 2. Hold the turn signal switch stalk in the “flash to pass” postion and turn the ignition on with the key (while holding the turn signal switch in “flash to pass”). 3. Then repeatedly flash the lights with the turn signal stalk until a confirmation chirp is heard (usually five or six flashes). 4. After hearing the chirp, depress the button on the remote transmitter being programmed. If the remote was accepted, there will be another confirmation chirp. 5. Turn off the ignition and test the remote.