Jaguar XJ8 Shock Mount Bushing Replacement

1. Disconnect the shock from the upper shock mounting plate by removing the top mounting nut. You may find it easier to hold the top of the shock with an adjustable wrench to keep it from rotating with the nut.

2. Remove the bolts holding the shock mount to the shock tower.

3. Separate the shock mount from the top of the shock and remove the mount from the vehicle. When working on the driver’s side, you may find that the power steering reservoir is in the way. Remove the reservoir mounting bracket bolt and temporarily move it out of the way.

4. Remove the old bushings from the mount. On the topside of the mount, place a 12mm or similar size bolt in the mounting hole and push the collar and bushings out using a press.

5. Replace the old bushings with the new ones supplied by Coventry West. These will also need to be pressed in.

6. Once the mount is reassembled, installation is the reverse of removal. Don’t forget to reinstall the bolt for the power steering reservoir bracket when working on the driver’s side.