How big is your used parts operation?

Huge! Coventry West is one of the largest dismantlers of Jaguar and Land Rover automobiles in the US.  Our salvage lot is nearly 4 acres in size and is filled with hundreds of salvaged Jaguars and Land Rovers.

What cars do we have used parts for?

We specialize in used parts for many different models of Jaguars and Land Rovers, including but not limited to:

  • XJ6 Used Parts 1979-1995

  • Discovery I Used Parts 1994-1999

  • XJ8 Used Parts 1998-2009

  • Discovery II Used Parts 1999-2004

  • XK8 Used Parts 1997-2006

  • Range Rover Used Parts 1987-2005

  • S-type Used Parts 2000-2008

  • Freelander Used Parts 2002-2005

  • X-type Used Parts 2002-2010

  • LR3 Used Parts 2005-2009

  • XJS Used Parts 1982-1996

  • And much more!


What kind of used parts do we have available?

We have an extensive selection of used Jaguar and Land Rover parts, ranging from engines to mufflers and from sun visors to steering wheels. If you are looking for a high quality used part, please contact us with your needs.

Why should I consider a used part from Coventry West?

There are lots of reasons. Used parts are generally far less expensive than comparable new parts, particularly on many items that are only available from Jaguar and Land Rover dealers. A quality used part can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over dealer costs. Additionally, many items from Jaguar and Land Rover are no longer produced or are not currently available new and can be very hard to find. Coventry West specializes in these hard-to-get and rare used parts that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

I don’t see the used part I’m looking for on your online store. How do I order a used part from Coventry West?

Currently, our online store only displays new and rebuilt parts.If you are looking for a used part, please call one of our salesmen regarding the availability and pricing for any used Jaguar or Land Rover parts that you need.

Is there a warranty on used parts?

Yes. Unless indicated otherwise, our used parts come with a 6 month warranty and are extensively tested prior to shipping out. If the part becomes defective during the warranty period, we will provide you will a replacement unit.

What is your return policy regarding used parts?

We do not accept returns or provide refunds on any used parts. If we make the mistake and send you the incorrect part, we will exchange it for you so that you get the right part, but you may not return the incorrect part for credit.

Are you interested in buying my Jaguar or Land Rover for salvage?

If you live in the southeastern United States and have a later model Jaguar or Land Rover that you would like to sell to us for salvage purposes, please contact Derek Fambrough at

Why Shop Coventry West
  • 74,000 square foot warehouse

  • Knowledgeable sales staff

  • Specializing in rare and hard to find parts

  • Same day shipping on most orders